Invocation Protocol

Highlighting Significant Decisions

In 2009, Town Council approved beginning each regular business meeting with an invocation to highlight the significance of the Council’s deliberations and decisions. 


  • Spiritual leaders from all faiths, beliefs and religious perspectives are welcome
  • Substantially equal opportunity to give the invocation on a rotating basis
  • Group represented by the speaker has a place of public assembly
  • In the absence of a spiritual leader, a Councilmember may give a general invocation
  • Preference is given to spiritual leaders who reside in, or who represent a group which has a place of public assembly located in the Town

Guidelines for content

  • Invocation should be brief (one to two minutes maximum)
  • Invocation should be positive and respectful of the diverse religious and spiritual makeup of the community and Council audience
  • Invocation should refrain from addressing items on the Council agenda