Weed Abatement Notice

The purpose of the Town of Castle Rock Municipal Code is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens. The Town takes great pride in maintaining one of the safest communities along Colorado’s Front Range. Title 8, Health and Safety, in The Municipal Code requires all properties to be maintained clear of weeds throughout the year.

Weeds constitute a public nuisance when they create a fire hazard, are a source of contamination or pollution of water, air or property, become a danger to health, create a breeding place or habitation for insects or rodents, are harmful to human habitations, or are unsightly to their surroundings. 

Weeds may be no taller than 12 inches above the ground at all times during the year. Weed abatement may be accomplished by hand trimming and mowing. Regular landscape maintenance can minimize weed growth through responsible, preventative herbicide application.

The Town sends reminder letters to property owners that are in violation of the Municipal Code throughout the year. Property owners are urged to keep their property clear of weeds and overgrown vegetation. Failure to comply with the Municipal Code Health and Safety regulations could result in Code Enforcement action.

The Town of Castle Rock strives to set a high aesthetic standard to preserve the rich traditions and quality of life. Please assess your property immediately and take necessary action toward weed abatement. Thank you for taking pride in the community by helping us to maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Thank you,
Zoning Division
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