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Be a part of the change!

Whether you're looking to be a part of something, or trying to change things up, Climb4Change is the perfect solution. This unique racing event offers a number of timed races on the 200-step Challenge Hill at Philip S. Miller Park. Participants ascend 178 feet in all of the four challenges. There is also a non-timed fun run / walk that families can enjoy on their own anywhere in the park.

Proceeds from this event benefit the Town's Therapeutic Recreation program is used to provide scholarships, purchase adaptive equipment, and give access to a wide variety of activities for adults and children with cognitive and physical disabilities. 

Learn more about the Town's Therapeutic Recreation Program.

Event details

Saturday, June 10
6:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
The Challenge Hill at Philip S. Miller Park

Register for the 2023 Climb4Change event

  1. Climb challenges
  2. Race day schedule
  3. Race results and photos

Climb challenges and fees

There are five different events to choose from:

  • Power Hour - $45
    Up and down the stairs as many times as you can for 60 minutes. The course record is 19 laps!
  • ClimbNRun 5K / 10K - $40
    Climb the stairs, down the switchbacks, and run the trail! Pick your distance.
  • Trail Reps - $45
    Up the stairs, down the trail, and repeat! You’ve got 30 minutes. The record is 6 laps!
  • Race to the Top - $30
    One time, that’s it! Can you beat the course record of 45 seconds?
  • Run4Fun - $20
    Participate in a family fun run on a 1/4-mile course (non-timed).