Town Government

Get to know your municipal government

Making sure you have access to clean water, safe streets and fun parks is the role of local government, and it's a job we take seriously.

Castle Rock is a full-service municipality. While some communities contract for services like water, fire and police, in Castle Rock, we provide almost everything – water, fire service, emergency medical response, police, road repair, parks planning and maintenance, recreation, code enforcement, development services and more.

The average Castle Rock resident pays about $40 in property tax to the Town for all of these services. For the rest, the Town relies on sales tax and user fees.

Here are some facts about how your government runs:

  • Since 1987, Castle Rock has had a Council-Manager form of government. That means an elected Town Council hires a Town Manager to run the day-to-day operations of the Town and implement Town Council's priority projects.
  • Councilmembers are elected officials and serve four-year terms. Residents elect the Mayor at-large, and Council elects the Mayor Pro Tem.
  • Council adopts ordinances (local laws); approves the Town budget, major contracts and agreements; makes major land-use decisions such as annexation, zoning and development agreements; sets ballot questions; and establishes the overall direction and policy for Town staff to carry out. Council also appoints the Town Manager, Town Attorney, Municipal Judge and members of the Town's boards and commissions.
Southern view of Castle Rock's Town Hall on a sunny and cloudless day.

Learn more and be involved

Like you, we believe in open government. 

 We invite you to attend Town Council meetings. Visit the Council page for meeting dates and times, and to see what's on the agenda.