Development Review

Meeting Castle Rock's development needs

If there’s something that will happen in the near future, chances are, we are already reviewing it. New roads, water lines, subdivisions and commercial and retail areas all pass through here on their way to becoming realities. We make sure all development meets Castle Rock’s standards for design, safety and quality of life.

Review process

The streamlined development review process involves four key components:

  1. Implementation of the project manager model for aggressive management of the plan review process, resulting in significant improvement in meeting development review timelines and providing excellent customer service.
  2. Ongoing updates to the Town’s development software system, resulting in faster and more efficient processing and tracking of applications and permits.
  3. Use of our Development Activity Map, a public outreach tool that allows our residents and customers to access the latest information on current development via the Town’s website.
  4. Publication of our Development Procedures Manual online at CodeCentral.

Development review award 

Development Services was awarded the 2009 American Planning Association Colorado Chapter Award for Community Engagement.