Snow Information

Snow-tification graphic. Snowplow plowing snow through Castle Rock. How the Town manages snow

Before a storm, the Town's Public Works Department obtains meteorological data from a number of weather services and local media. After data collection, a team of plow and truck operators are put into action to manage over 740 lane miles of roadway throughout Town. In order to keep Castle Rock residents on the move, the department has established methods of snow management.

How the Town prioritizes plowing

Streets are classified as either primary or residential streets, based on function, traffic volume and importance to the community. Primary streets are then split into first and second priority, and residential streets are split into third and fourth priorities.

  • Priority Number 1: High-volume, primary streets that connect major sections of Town. Think Plum Creek Parkway, Wolfensberger Road or Mikelson Boulevard, for example.
  • Priority Number 2: Smaller, primary streets and roads that provide access to schools.
  • Priority Number 3: Residential streets.
  • Priority Number 4: Cul-de-sacs and alleyways.

Please reference the interactive snow plow route map to view all primary and residential roads, color-coded by priority.

Residential streets

Residential streets are plowed after primary roadways, and when roadway snow accumulation is expected to exceed a specified amount.

  • From March 15 to Nov. 15, snow accumulation on residential streets is expected to exceed 8 inches during a snowstorm before being cleared by plows, due to warmer temperatures.
  • From Nov. 15 to March 15, snow accumulation is expected to exceed 4 inches on the roadway before being cleared by plows.

When plowing residential streets, plow drivers will make every effort to facilitate two-way traffic as best as possible. Vehicles parked on the side of the roadway can affect snow-plowing operations.

To follow along as plows clear streets, view the interactive plow tracker map.

Shoveling assistance and resources

Senior citizens and persons with disabilities who are unable to clear snow from their sidewalks may receive assistance from the following organizations:

  • Aging Resources of Douglas County: A free assistance and referral program for qualified seniors needing help with light maintenance and chores - donations are accepted. To learn more, call 303-814-4300 or email the Aging Resources of Douglas County team to ask about their assistance program.
  • To the Rescue: A program that provides a range of services offered to all community members, with specialized services for seniors and persons with disabilities. To learn more about their services, email the To the Rescue team or call 720-851-2100.