Community Service Options

Coordinating Court-Ordered Community Service Participants

If your organization is a nonprofit organization or governmental entity and you would like assistance from court-ordered community service participants, contact us to place your businesses' name on our community service list.

Also, if you have an upcoming community event you need assistance with, contact us to be provided with a flier of all the necessary information.

Community Service Program

If you are a court-ordered community service participant, the following applies:

  • You may perform your community service for any nonprofit organization, governmental entity or religious group. If you have a question about whether something qualifies under these guidelines, call the Municipal Court at 303-663-6133 or email the Community Service Coordinator before you begin your community service.
  • You may complete your community service hours at any of the local non-profit organizations on the Municipal Court's community service contacts handout (PDF).
  • You need to schedule your community service as soon as possible! Community service can be difficult to schedule - especially juvenile theft cases. If you wait until the last possible moment, you may not be able to finish it by your due date.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your time sheets for your community service are filled out and filed with the Municipal Court at 100 N Perry Street