Barking Dogs

Report a Barking Dog

To report a problem with a barking dog, please phone 720-733-6063 during business hours, or report your concern using the online TRAKiT software system. The address of the barking dog needs to be included. Please be advised that if your barking complaint is submitted anonymously, an officer will respond to investigate; however, if no violation is witnessed by the officer, the dog owner will not be contacted.

Note: Animal Control officers work 8 am to 6 pm daily, with the exception of holidays. Your online report may not be read until the next business day. A 24-hour non-emergency line is also available, 303-663-6100.

Municipal Code 6.02.110 - Noisy Dogs

Section 6.02.110 of the Town's Municipal Code states:
A. It is unlawful to keep a dog which, individually or in combination with another dog or dogs kept on the same premises, makes noise by barking, howling, whining, yelping or other utterance which is plainly audible beyond the premises on which the animal is kept, for a consecutive period in excess of 10 minutes at any time during the day or night.

More Information

For more information, view Municipal Code Title 6.