Landscape Information and Forms

Landscape professionals are required to follow the Town's Water Use Management Plan and Landscape and Irrigation Criteria Manual (PDF) which outlines the policies, procedures, performance standards and minimum criteria. The criteria provide comprehensive water-efficient design, installation and maintenance standards in a manner that balances quality of life with the overall responsibilities of the Town as a water provider. (Individual residents are not held to this code.)

In Castle Rock, water conservation and landscaping work hand-in-hand. To this end, these forms and standards are part of the
comprehensive Water Use Management Plan (PDF), which outlines the steps necessary for effective demand management and water efficiency.

This section will give you the information needed to design, build and maintain a quality landscape and efficient irrigation system. The following are forms and other information required for landscape/irrigation projects:

Non-Residential Irrigation Forms

  • Hydraulic Worksheet (XLS) - Required for irrigation plan review.
  • Irrigation Chart (XLS) - Required for irrigation plan review.
  • Irrigation Details (PDF) - Details for irrigation plans required for irrigation plan review.
  • Landscape and Irrigation Inspection Request - Please call our Water Conservation Division at 720-733-2306 to request a landscape and irrigation inspection.
  • Temporary Irrigation Exemption Application - Non-residential (Online Form) - Completed by a developer or landscape professional for each property needing daily watering when new sod/seed or other plant material has been installed. A soil inspection is required prior to installation of new plant material. Please note: Exemptions will not be issued or applicable in the month of July.

Non-Residential Landscape Forms

Residential Forms