As an integral part of the Town’s vision of providing residents the highest quality services at the best value, the Stormwater Division manages stormwater runoff to minimize flooding hazards and to protect water quality in our watersheds. Services the Stormwater Division provides include: 

  • Storm sewer system development and maintenance
  • Watershed water quality protection 
  • Pollution prevention, detection and elimination
  • Construction site stormwater runoff control
  • Floodplain management

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Proactive planning

The Town is committed to managing a proactive Stormwater Program to improve the quality of runoff entering the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) and receiving creeks (Plum Creek and Cherry Creek). The Stormwater Program is regulated by the Clean Water Act under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and is administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. A Program Description Document (PDD) is available to the public for review and comment by emailing your request to

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The Stormwater Division is funded through monthly services charges based on an urbanized footprint calculated for each account. New housing / commercial development is charged a development impact fee to account for downstream system improvements. This fee covers the cost of operation, upgrades, maintenance and improvements to the Town’s storm drainage facilities. 

In accordance with Castle Rock Municipal Code, Chapter 13.30, Article 13.30.60, non-single family properties are entitled to appeal for an adjustment to the stormwater utility fee. To request a review of your stormwater monthly service charge, complete the Request for Administrative Review (PDF). Return form via email, or mail:

Castle Rock Water
ATTN: Stormwater Division
175 Kellogg Court
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Current projects

Visit for information on our current projects. Call our Stormwater Hotline, 720-733-2235, with questions on specific projects. 

Drainageway improvements

These projects preserve, enhance and, in some cases, reconstruct the natural floodplains in our community. This infrastructure serves to reduce public risk from stream channel erosion and flooding. These projects also have a water quality component that ensures our renewable drinking water supplies are preserved and protected.

  • East Plum Creek Reach 6 at Plum Creek Water Reclamation Authority Plant
  • McMurdo Gulch along Castle Oaks Drive
  • Industrial Tributary at Prairie Hawk Drive
  • 6400 East Tributary at Paint Brush Park, Phase I
  • 6400 East Tributary at Paint Brush Park, Phase II
  • Omni Tributary, Prairie Hawk Drive to Red Hawk Drive

Storm sewer improvements

Storm sewer projects capture and contain runoff to reduce flood risk. These projects are in established street rights of way and are typically aligned with the Public Works street maintenance and repair program. These conveyance systems are independent of wastewater sewer systems and lead directly to the creek.  Some examples are listed below.

  • Village North at Park Street 
  • Parkview Tributary at Oakwood Court  
  • Young American at Gordon Drive 
  • Escavera subdivision open space near Ridgetrail Drive
Wolfensberger Stormsewer