Annual Budget

Community growth

Castle Rock is a growing and changing community. Since 2010, the Town’s population has grown more than 26 percent. It’s important to accommodate for the community’s growth in the Town’s annual budget as the Town works to maintain its levels of service, while addressing key community priorities, including:

  1. Provide outstanding public health and safety services
  2. Secure the community’s long-term renewable water future
  3. Create primary jobs, expand the tax base and improve the business climate
  4. Provide a safe transportation system, minimizing traffic congestion
  5. Provide an outstanding parks, recreation, trails and open space system
  6. Maintain community character and identity, with a particular focus on Downtown Castle Rock

Additional financial information

To view detailed information on the current year budget, please visit 2018 Budget.

Additional financial information and previous year's budget documents are available on the Town's Transparency Portal.

More information

Questions about our budget? Email the Finance Department or call 720-733-2227.