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1. Can landowners demolish Downtown buildings?
2. What are the height restrictions for buildings in Downtown?
3. What is happening with the burned out house on Wolfensberger just before the new roundabout that is under construction?
4. What is happening with the two gas stations for sale on the east side of I-25 and Wilcox? One is for sale, and the other may be abandoned? Any update is appreciated!
5. What is being built on corner of Wolfensberger and Wilcox by Guadalajara restaurant?
6. What are the plans for the old hotel at the corner of Fifth and Perry?
7. Any new action on the proposed Hillside Development off of Wolfensberger Road?
8. Will the Festival Park Commons project be moving forward? What is the approximate timeline for the development?
9. How is the Town planning to increase parking in the downtown area, to support the new businesses and planned residences, in addition to losing existing parking spaces?