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Water Updates Open House Questionnaire

  1. All comments on the new and updated plans are welcome. However, we'd like to get some specific thoughts from you. Thank you.

  2. In your opinion, would a Town regulation be necessary to correct this?

  3. 4. Were you aware that if there is outdoor water waste at your residence, commercial property or open space that you can receive a fine from the Town?

  4. 5. Runoff from fertilizer is the primary pollution in our creek. What do you think is the second most troublesome?

  5. 6. What method of communication would be best to notify you of a drought response?

  6. 7. What do you think is an appropriate increase in household water usage during the irrigation season?

  7. 9. Please rank how strongly you feel that these and other plans Castle Rock Water has instituted will adequately address our water supply for long term.

    1 is no confidence and 5 is complete confidence

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