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Public Works

  1. Aspen View Academy Traffic Changes

    Please provide your feedback on planned changes to traffic control around Aspen View Academy.

  2. Crowfoot Valley Road Widening

    As the Town grows and traffic volumes increase on Crowfoot Valley Road, we know that you care about the safe and efficient travel along... More…

  3. Downtown Alley Plan

    The goal of the Downtown Alley Plan is to establish a framework for the reconstruction of Downtown alleys into pedestrian and bicycle... More…

  4. Four Corners Project Comment Form Round 2

    Feedback from the public for the Four Corners Project.

  5. Roundabout Street Light Install working hours
  1. Butterfield Crossing Drive Feedback Form

    The Town of Castle Rock will implement enhancements to help with traffic speeds in the area of Butterfield Crossing Drive. The... More…

  2. Crystal Valley Interchange feedback

    The Preferred Alternative of the Crystal Valley / Interstate 25 Interchange Environmental Assessment includes a diamond interchange... More…

  3. Downtown Mobility Study feedback form

    As Castle Rock thinks about the future, feedback is vital. The Town is now studying new ways for people to move around Downtown. Give... More…

  4. Four Corners project email sign up

    Sign up to receive updates on the Four Corners Project.

  5. Transit Feasibility Study Draft Report Feedback

    Thank you for reviewing the Transit Feasibility Study Draft Report. Please take a minute to provide any comments or feedback you may... More…