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Comprehensive Master Plan

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    The Town's 202 Vision and Comprehensive Master Plan was adopted in 2000 and amended in 2002. While the plan has served the Town well, and much of the policy framework remains valid, it's time to strategically look further - to 2030 and beyond.
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  3. About the plan
    This updated document looks ahead to 2030. It focuses on Four Cornerstones: Town Identity, Responsible Growth, High-quality Community Services, and Thriving Economy. The community confirmed the importance of these Four Cornerstones during various outreach efforts related to the update. The draft includes information from 2013 and 2015 community surveys, open houses held throughout 2015 for this project, and last year’s open houses related to growth. For the plan to be finalized, Planning Commission and Town Council will review the draft and determine if it’s adopted. This is expected during summer 2017.
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