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POST - Eagle Scout Project Application

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  2. Eagle and Lift Scout Project Application
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    I understand that this is only an application to complete a project towards the rank of Eagle Scout or Life Scout and does not guarantee that a project has been accepted by the Town of Castle Rock unless a project is approved and assigned to you by the POST Partners Volunteer Coordinator as there are only a certain number of projects that are completed on an annual basis. I also understand that I must be at least 15 years old at time of application to be considered for a project. I agree to make every effort to complete the above applied for project by the estimated completion date stated. Once the above noted project is accepted, I will submit a project write-up for approval and realize that I need to allow time for additions and changes to be made to my write-up by Town staff and the POST Partners program. I understand that Volunteer Rosters and Volunteer Waiver and Indemnification forms will have to be submitted to POST for all individuals helping with my project installation and that I will have to sign a separate policy commitment statement before starting my project. I am encouraged to submit photos taken on workdays but realize that participants have the option to agree to Photo Release terms on the back of their Volunteer Waiver and Indemnification form which they turn in. Lastly, I agree to schedule my final project installation date with the POST Volunteer Coordinator at least two weeks in advance.
  7. I understand that I agree to the statement of commitment and all the POST partners requirements.
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