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POST - Eagle Scout Commitment of Statement

  1. Post Partners Logo
  3. Policy Commitment Statement
    (Eagle Scout specific)
  4. POST Partners is cooperative effort between the Town of Castle Rock Parks and Recreation Department and residents, business owners, organizations, etc., who wish to contribute to the appearance of their community. It is understood that at no time is the safety of any volunteer to be compromised in the performance of any activity associated with this program.
  5. I agree to the following:
    I acknowledge the hazardous nature of the work and agree to the following terms and conditions:
  6. Participants in the group agree to obey and abide by all laws and regulations relating to safety and any special terms and conditions that may be required by the Director of Parks and Recreation for a particular parks, open space and trails.
  7. I will be the Group Leader to serve as the spokesperson for my volunteers and crew. I am aware of the fact that I can make special arrangements with the Parks and Recreation Department Volunteer Coordinator to borrow tools, gloves and vests as needed during regular business hours. Unused materials and supplies furnished by the Parks and Recreation Department shall be returned to the Department within one week after each work outing.
  8. When participants are age 18 or younger, the group shall furnish adequate supervision. The Group Leader will assure that all participants are responsible people.
  9. If a paid contractor is utilized, I will assume all responsibility for payment of services, and I will obtain a license number and copy of certificate of insurance, naming the Town as additionally insured from the contractor.
  10. The group shall be responsible for prohibiting participants from possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages or drugs while on the adopted section. The Group Leader will discuss safety precautions with participants and assure that the appropriate tools and equipment are used during cleanups.
  11. I realize that I may be requested to submit a work plan and/or to the Parks and Recreation Department as part of my project write-up for approval.
  12. I agree to submit the requested documentation outlined in the paperwork checklist and timeline action plan.
  13. I agree to make every effort to complete the above applied for project by the estimated completion date stated.
  14. I will be responsible for providing a first-aid kit and ensuring that all participants follow all safety standards. A first-aid kit can be borrowed from the POST Partners volunteer coordinator upon request.
  15. My organization and myself shall release, relieve, hold harmless and indemnify the Town of Castle Rock and the Parks and Recreation Department, its agents, servants and employees for any and all actions, claims, injuries or lawsuits arising out of or in any way connected to the activities connected with the POST Partners program.
  16. The group shall report to the Parks and Recreation Department any injury incurred by any participant during cleanup activities and any hazard encountered at the adopted site. See additional instructions on incident procedures, incident checklist and incident report. I realize that I can request tool-use training or incident procedure training from the POST Partners Volunteer Coordinator, if for any reason I am unsure of proper procedures.
  17. I agree to answer any and all e-mail or voicemail inquiries from the POST Partners Volunteer Coordinator to the best of my ability.
    Communicate with the Eagle Scout via the Volunteer Coordinator or other Town employee during their write-up approval process and during the coordination of their workday activities.
  19. Coordinate and assist as needed in the completion of any special projects.
  20. Supply materials and/or tools, if necessary and requested
  21. Arrange for the removal and disposal of any litter, trash, leaves and material collected from the adopted site, including recyclable materials.
  22. Supply and install Eagle Scout Project sign with the scout and troop name on it when the Boy Scout has satisfactorily performed the duties stated in this agreement.
  23. Provide Parks, Open Space and Trails Guide/Maps to the Eagle Scout and, if needed, maps of the project site location.
  24. Participants are encouraged to submit photos taken at their workdays. The photos will be used to promote the group’s work and the POST Partners program. Each participant has the option to agree to Photo Release terms on the Volunteer Waiver Indemnification Form (listed under “I.” on this form). Photos can be placed on a disk and submitted with your monthly paperwork or can be e-mailed to the Volunteer Coordinator at
  25. Provide POST Partners t-shirts and water bottles upon request
  26. Either the Town or the group may terminate this agreement within 10 days by written notification.
    I have read and understood this statement of commitment for the POST Partners program, and I agree to the terms of participation
  27. Volunteer Coordinator: I understand the Policy Commitment Statement and Agree to all policies within this agreement.*
  28. Scout Applicant: I understand the Policy Commitment Statement and Agree to all policies within this agreement.*
  29. Group Leader: I understand the Policy Commitment Statement and Agree to all policies within this agreement.*
  30. Contact Details
  31. Scout Applicant
  32. Alternate Contact
  33. Town of Castle Rock-POST Partners Volunteer Program Contacts
  34. Lisa Sorbo
    Volunteer Coordinator Scout Projects 303.814.7456 Phone 303.660.1011 Fax
  35. Barbara Spagnuolo
    Natural Resource Specialist Educational Presentations Colorado Bluebird Project 720.733.2294 Phone 303-660-1011 Fax
  36. Parks Maintenance on-call pager number (assistance during your clean-up dates scheduled for the weekends, litter collection, etc.) 303.435.3345
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