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Name the New Neighborhood Park-Meadows Filing 18

  1. Name the New Park!

    The next new park in Castle Rock needs a name! We would like to hear your ideas. Ideas will be summarized and taken to an appointed naming committee for recommendations to Town Council. To view the park’s location and illustrations of its master plan prior to filling out this survey, please visit (Only fill in the fields that apply to your thoughts and ideas.)

  2. Meadows Park rendering

  3. What things do you think of when you think of the park? (i.e. piece of playground equipment, trees, fields, things or buildings in the area, view the park might provide)

  4. Are there any animals the park or the area makes you think of?

  5. The Town's current naming policy allows for public nominations of names for Town facilities. Names should meet the following criteria; foster a sense of community and small town character, heighten the awareness of Town history, celebrate the natural environment, call attention to points of pride in our community, call attention to people, events and geography that have shaped the Town of Castle Rock. Please list up to three name suggestions below.

  6. Below is a list of ideas from the park design firm. Please check any of the below ideas that you like.

  7. We'd like to keep you in the loop regarding the development and naming of this park. (Maybe your suggestion will be the winner!)

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