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Castle Rock Town Council Meeting Comments

  1. December 7, 2021 Castle Rock Town Council Meeting Comments

    Thank you for your interest in Town Council's upcoming discussions. Please use the form below to submit your comments no later than 1 p.m. Tuesday, December 7. Comments received by that time will be forwarded to Council and included as part of the public record for the meeting, just as if you had come to comment in person. All listed fields are required.

  2. Do you wish to address Council on this item live during the online meeting?*

    To participate remotely, please visit for access instructions to get connected, and be prepared to speak during the virtual meeting. We will help you unmute your microphone when Mayor Gray calls your name, or you can use the "raise your hand" feature (or phone-in callers press *3).

  3. Those not wishing to comment live can watch the meeting at or on Comcast Channel 22.

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