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    Town staff has begun researching kratom within the community. Kratom is an unregulated herbal substance found in the leaves of a Southeast Asian tree. Those leaves can be made into a tea, chewed or made into a capsule. The active ingredients in kratom have effects similar to an amphetamine and have been used for various purposes such as pain relief.

    Currently, there are several businesses in Town that sell kratom. The Town has recently received an inquiry about a possible kratom bar. This kratom bar would be similar to a coffee shop or café.

    Town Council on Dec. 18, 2018, approved an ordinance to provide a temporary suspension on the establishment of new businesses related to kratom sales. It’s important to note, this ordinance does not change any current laws or regulations related to kratom, and does not impact the sale, consumption nor possession of kratom. This ordinance would only impact new licenses for potential kratom businesses in Castle Rock.

    This ordinance will allow Town staff 180 days to further survey and collaborate with both the kratom industry and regulatory agencies to identify, and potentially regulate, kratom sales within the Town.

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