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Memmen Ridge Open Space


Memmen Ridge Open Space and Trails map (PDF)

Memmen Ridge Trail Elev. Profile (PDF)

Memmen Ridge 5K Fitness Route (PDF)

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  1. Bike Path (Paved)
  2. Dogs allowed with leash
  3. Hiking
  4. Moderate Trail
  5. Mountain Biking
  6. Native Surface Trail
  7. Parking
  8. Single Track Trail
  9. Split Log Benches

General information

Length: 1.9 miles 
Open Space acreage:  43 acres
Difficulty: Moderate 
Surface: Eight-foot-wide concrete connects to a network of native-surface trails 
Parking: Parking lot on southeast corner of Oman Road and South Street


This area provides a quick escape into forested open space from nearby Downtown Castle Rock. The 43-acre parcel is located south of South Ridge Elementary School and can be accessed from a paved trail at Oman Road. The willows and cattails in the riparian area quickly change to a mature ponderosa pine forest on the ridge’s north-facing slope. A short trip to the top of this ridge can provide views of the southern areas of Town.

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