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Posted on: January 17, 2018

Jan. 16 Council Update


Your Town Council representatives meet twice a month, and during those meetings Councilmembers make decisions that impact residents and business owners. Stay up-to-date on those decisions with this meeting summary.

Citizen Advisory Committee and special election update
Town Council’s newly appointed Citizen Advisory Committee is helping implement the at-large Mayor structure voters approved in November 2017. The seven-member Committee met Jan. 9 and presented its recommendations to Town Council Tuesday.

The Committee’s recommendations focused on qualifications to become Mayor and redistricting from seven to six districts. Town Council discussed and accepted the Committee’s recommendations.

Specifically, the Committee recommended the Mayor be a registered elector, a Castle Rock resident for one year, and a citizen of the United States. The Committee also recommended the first election date for the at-large Mayor be Nov. 6, 2018. Finally, the Committee recommended the Town complete the redistricting from seven to six districts in 2018.  

Town Council authorized the Citizen Advisory Committee in December as a follow up to the November 2017 election. While the election changed language in the Charter regarding the overall structure of Town Council, the citizen-initiated petition that provided for that election did not identify elements such as qualifications for Mayor (age, residency, voter status, etc.) and a timeline for the transition to the new structure.

Why a special election?
Any change to Town Charter requires voter approval, so to ensure these important elements are addressed in Town Charter ahead of the first at-large Mayor election Nov. 6, 2018, a special election will be required this spring.

Using the Committee’s recommendations, Town Council directed staff to prepare the ordinances necessary to call a special election for May 15, 2018 and set ballot language for two ballot questions for that election. Council is scheduled to consider those ordinances on first reading during its Feb. 6 meeting.

The Citizen Advisory Committee also discussed various signature requirements for Mayoral candidates to get on the ballot. Specifically, they discussed a requirement for 10 signatures from each district. Council decided to discuss that requirement at a later meeting.

Next steps: For an election to occur, Town Council must approve ordinances to call the election and to set the ballot questions. Council is expected to consider those ordinances during its two meetings in February.

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Accessory dwelling units now allowed in some neighborhoods
Accessory dwelling units by definition are second small dwellings on the same grounds as a single-family home. This could include an apartment over the garage or in the basement, a tiny house in the backyard, or a mother-in-law dwelling. Now, these units will be allowed in some neighborhoods.

Town Council approved an ordinance to update Town Code to allow for accessory dwelling units in some neighborhoods. Council also clarified square footage for new units.

This was the second and final reading of the ordinance. Property owners and residents interested in accessory dwelling units should contact Development Services at 720-733-2200.

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Construction contract for Castle Rock Water Improvement Projects
As infrastructure ages, replacement and rehabilitation are important to Castle Rock. In that effort, Council this week approved a construction contract for the Castle Rock Water Improvements Project.

Castle Rock Water’s goal is to spread out the costs of infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement over time. Staff has identified four facilities that require improvements. Those improvements have been combined into a single project – the Castle Rock Water Improvements Project.

The project includes the replacement of the Baldwin pressure reducing valve (located near Baldwin Park Road and S. Valley Drive), the Canyon pressure reducing valve (located near Canyon and Oakwood drives), Meadows Water Treatment Plant transmission main butterfly valves and the Maher Force Main manhole.

The total construction cost is estimated at $327,624 and will be paid for out of Castle Rock Water’s Distribution System Upgrades, Valves and Actuators, and Sewer Line Rehabilitation funds.

Next steps: Construction is expected to start in February and wrap up by early summer.

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