Downtown Alley Plan

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Transforming alleyways into safe, multi-modal and creative spaces

The goal of the Downtown Alley Plan is to establish a framework for the reconstruction of Downtown alleys into pedestrian and bicycle friendly environments. The Downtown Alley Plan is the next step in implementing the Town's adopted Downtown Mobility Master Plan (PDF). The plan will enhance and improve safety, accessibility, and mobility of the Downtown area for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other micro-mobility options through active, shared alleyways. 

The alleyway network, blending seamlessly into Downtown, will become a distinct Castle Rock experience. It will express the special characteristics of adjacent neighborhoods, Downtown, and celebrate the inclusive, welcoming, and entrepreneurial spirit of the community with a recognizable and unified design. The plan will provide the vision for implementation feasibility and phasing.

pedestrian and bicycle icons Creating safe crossing treatments - Ensuring safe pedestrian and bicycle crossings is integral to the successful implementation of an active alley network.
bicycle iconBike network integration - Several facilities are planned to improve overall bike connectivity both within Downtown and the larger trail system. Our goal is to create a seamless network of active alleys that connect to the existing and planned bike network via safe and comfortable connections as well as signage.
Location iconCreating an activated community destination - The alley network and its amenities will enhance Downtown and serves as a day-to-day community destination for visitors and residents. Flexible and adaptable spaces built into the alley network provide opportunities for special events such as farmers markets, performances, beer gardens and exhibitions.

walking path in an alleyway

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