Tank 3 Drain Line

Tank 3 improvements

Tank 3, on the butte south of Fifth Street, is a water storage tank built in 1969. The overflow discharge line was designed to flow on the southwest side of the tank. The discharge is currently flowing toward Tacker Court, and is affecting newly built residential homes in this area. Castle Rock Water is planning improvements to the tank to manage the overflow and grading.

Benefits of this project include:

  • Construction of a new gravity storm sewer will direct the flows towards the northeast side of the butte and not impact local properties.  
  • A new tank by-pass pressure main will allow the residents located along Reservoir Road to have a looped water distribution system when the tank is off-line for maintenance. 
  • The new main includes a new pressure relief valve to protect the system from overpressure events during tank maintenance. 
Photo, Tank 3

Road access and  service disruption

No road closures are planned. However, there are two water shutdowns planned for this project. Notices will be sent to the impacted customers in advance.


February 2021 - May 2021


This project was awarded to 53 Corporation at a cost of $387,455.

Tank 3 Drain Line Project map