Crystal Valley Crosswalks


In late 2019, residents of Crystal Valley expressed safety concerns about the crosswalk at Old Lanterns and Crystal Valley parkways. The Town held a community open house in February 2020 to discuss resident concerns, which led to the next step of an engineering study of the crosswalk. 

Results of the study 

Here is an overview of what Traffic Engineering noticed and recommends when it comes to this crosswalk, while considering the values of high safety and low life-cycle cost the public desires from our transportation system: 

  • Improve sightlines in the westbound direction by working with the neighborhood HOA. Approaching the intersection Crystal Valley flashing beacon button from the east is partially obstructed by some vegetation on the north side of the roadway east of the intersection.
  • Improvements to the existing pedestrian crossing signage and system, by increasing the beacon flashing duration to 30 seconds, remount northeast corner pedestrian button on west side of post, mount caution watch for vehicles prior to crossing sign at north and south pedestrian actuation buttons.
  • Implement a speed safety sensitive zone by Section 10.04.030 of the Castle Rock Municipal Code in conjunction with Castle Rock Police, by posting signs that define the beginning and end of the zone with additional and increased fines for speeding in the segment of 35 mph posted speed where the crossing is located. 
  • National standards in the MUTCD were reviewed based on number of pedestrians per hour, and critical gap between vehicles, it is not recommended to install additional high cost devices or structures to improve pedestrian safety, such as a traffic signal, pedestrian hybrid signal, or grade separated crossing, due to the low frequency of pedestrians and high number of vehicle gaps currently available.

View the entire pedestrian crossing assessment(PDF)

Follow up and action

We really appreciate the feedback that has been shared throughout the Crystal Valley crosswalk study. A recommendation from the evaluation, to create a speed sensitive “Safety Zone” in the area around Old Lanterns Parkway, will be implemented the week of Jan. 27, 2021. The safety zone will be well identified with additional signage, and means that police enforcement may apply additional fines to those found speeding. The Town’s top priority is your and your neighbor’s safety, please slow down and obey the speed limit in this area.

We've created the Crystal Valley crosswalk FAQ to address some of the questions that came up during the crosswalk outreach process.