Trail Construction Updates

The Town of Castle Rock allocates funding to keep the community connected through trails. This includes 10-foot-wide concrete recreation and commuter trails, unpaved soft-surface trails in open space and missing sidewalk connections along Town roadways. Learn more about the trail and sidewalk capital improvement projects planned through 2025. 

View a map of the Town's Park, Open Space and Trails master plan (PDF)

Current projects

  1. Trail to EPIC Sky Trek

Pave trail going to the EPIC Sky Trek from the sidewalk leading to the AdDirt road to EPIC Sky Trekventure Playground

This project lies within Philip S. Miller Park and will run from the Adventure Playground directly to the Epic Sky Trek to provide direct access. 

Currently, the path is already walked in by individuals using this as a social path. The project will formalize the trail and help prevent erosion.

Google Image of paved trail to EPIC Sky Trek

Future projects

  1. Central Service Center Connection to East Plum Creek Trail
  2. Future Metzler Open Space & Trail
  3. Native Legend Trail repairs
  4. Ridgeline Partnership with COMBA
  5. South Perry Street Connection
  6. Trails connecting Cobblestone Ranch and Macanta Regional Park
  7. Woodlands Bowl Asphalt Trail Replacement

Trailhead parking lot and trail connection to East Plum Creek TrailE. Plum Creek Trail to Central Service Center

This future trailhead and trail connection to East Plum Creek will provide additional parking to alleviate the congestion on Meadows Boulevard. This will provide an alternate trailhead and will provide residents with easy access to enter and exit. 

As the Town of Castle Rock Water Department has two projects in this area, this project is currently scheduled for 2022.

Central Service Center to E. Plum Creek Trail Aerial Map with labels

Completed projects

  1. Connecting Sellars Gulch Trail to Plum Creek Parkway
  2. Covy Court Sidealk Connection
  3. E. Plum Creek Trail repairs by CVHS underpass
  4. Paved trail replacement along Native Legend Trial
  5. Stairs and bike ramp to Sellars Gulch Trail
  6. Wrangler Park sidewalk connection

Connecting the dead end at Sellars Gulch Trail to Plum Creek ParkwaySellars Gulch Trail connection to Plum Creek Parkway

As the developer placed the trail that is existing along Sellars Gulch, the Parks and Recreation Department completed extending this trail to Plum Creek Parkway. This will allow neighbors easy access all the way to downtown Castle Rock and beyond.

This project was completed in early September of 2020.

Map Aerial with Labels_Sellers Gulch to Plum Creek Prkwy