Extended Outdoor Dining

Extended outdoor dining areas now allowed

The Town is allowing restaurants to extend outdoor dining areas to assist in recovering from impacts of COVID-19 closure requirements. This program is contingent upon indoor dining occupancy being limited by public health orders.

Dining establishments needing additional outdoor dining space may apply for the required temporary use permit online. The Town is waiving fees for these requests through 2020 due to the pandemic.

If approved, extensions can remain in place through Dec. 31. If guidance changes before that time, and full indoor dining occupancy is allowed, the temporary use permit will become void.

View additional information (PDF) and submittal requirements.

Communal dining areas

Two or more establishments can make a joint application for a communal dining area. If established, diners could sit in such an area and order meals and alcoholic beverages from one of the participating establishments and consume the drinks within the communal areal. The same resolution, approved by Town Council at it’s June 16 meeting, also allows the Town Manager to approve public consumption of any alcohol in designated areas like sidewalks, closed streets and parks. A request form for these programs will be available starting next week by clicking on the Changes tab at CRgov.com/Liquor.


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