Cobblestone Ranch Park

First Phase Design Concept Draft

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback for both the Cobblestone Park Master Plan and the Phase 1 Park plan. Plans for the neighborhood park components are in the works. The Town has allocated $4 million to develop a roughly 10-acre parcel as the first phase of the park. 

After the Park Master Plan was approved by Town Council on Dec. 17, 2019, the Parks Planning staff and Norris Design hosted an Open House to discuss and review Phase 1 design options on March 10. Residents were asked to provide feedback in person and via an online survey through Sunday, March 29. The options that were presented for the proposed design (PDF) are available for your review. The survey results (PDF) show that the community preferred design concept No. 2, which the design team is using as a starting place for developing construction and bid design documents.

Project overview

Fall update

The Cobblestone Ranch Park plan is moving forward, however, much of the progress is "behind the scenes." The design team is focusing on the underground utilities, entryway road and landscaping. Additional fun elements are also being considered. Since the first phase of the project will set the baseline for future plans, the team is carefully evaluating both the above and below ground utility design.

The first phase / neighborhood park plan includes approximately 12 acres of developed area that forms the heart of the future regional park. The first phase includes the entry road off of Castle Oaks Drive, off-street parking, three picnic pavilions, a large playground serving 2 to 5-year-olds and 5 to 12-year-olds, an asphalt pump track for biking, half-court basketball, a great lawn area and concrete sidewalks and landscaping, which are all part of the base bid for the project. The bid package will also include potential additional amenities as alternates if the bid environment is favorable. Add alternates include a synthetic softball field, six pickleball courts and a permanent restroom.

Currently, the project bid and final plan is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

  1. Future Park Funding
  2. Park Master Plan

Town plans for next neighborhood park

A park means so much more to a neighborhood than just providing playground equipment. It becomes a central gathering location and a place where memories are made within the community. The Parks and Recreation Master Plan establishes service levels for neighborhood parks. While metro districts and schools also provide neighborhood park access, the Town sets aside 8 acres for every 1,000 residents. This action helps ensure that residents will have close access to neighborhood parks once the Town is fully built-out.

Funding for new parks

Funding sources for the construction of new parks is different than the funding sources for the renovation and maintenance of existing parks. New neighborhood parks are funded through impact fees. Impact fees are imposed on new development projects to help fund the costs of providing public services, like parks, to those new developments. The Town receives $3,849 per 3,000-square-foot single family home to be applied to the construction of new parks and recreation facilities.

Cobblestone Ranch Park_Birdseye_Rendering

Proposed master plan design concepts