Seasonal Safety Tips

welcome back to school seasonal safety tips

It wasn’t easy getting back to school this season, but you did it! 

You packed lunches, gathered supplies and made the best choices for you and your family. Now, as school is underway, Castle Rock Police and Castle Rock Fire and Rescue have teamed up to offer 10 tips to help keep you and your kids safe. Stay tuned for new tips each day and be sure to share with your kids.

Getting to school safely

1. Due to bussing changes this year, more kids may be walking or riding bikes to school. Always use a crosswalk and look both ways when crossing the street. 

2. At Rapid Flashing Beacon Crosswalks, always stop, push and look. Stop before crossing, push the button to activate the flashing lights and look both ways before crossing.

3. Make it a habit to wear a helmet. To keep your children as safe as possible, have them always wear a helmet if they’re riding their bikes, scooters or skateboards to or from school.

Driving safety

4. To do your part as a driver, never pass a school bus with red lights flashing.

5. Remember, distracted driving can be deadly. Don’t text and drive and set a good example for young drivers in your home. Remind them that messages and calls can wait. 

Safety at home

6. If your student will spend time home alone, be sure to remind them never to answer the door or share that they are home alone. 

7. Provide a list of emergency phone numbers and review your home escape plan. Kids should know who to call and where to go when they are in trouble. Make sure they know their address too.

8. Teach your family the principles of the #9PMRoutine. At any time of day, it is good to practice locking doors and closing the garage. At night, include turning on the porch light and locking vehicles. 

Online safety 

9. With a rise in digital learning, be sure your kids know how to stay safe online. Start by teaching them never to share personal information or passwords with anyone online. 

10. Remind children and teenagers with cell phones and social media that it’s not always easy to take something back once it’s online and that texts and photos can be forwarded to anyone.