Wells CR-15R and CR-16R

Ground water well drilling at PS Miller Treatment Plant and Plum Creek Golf Course

Project update: Sept. 5, 2018


As Castle Rock Water diversifies the community's water sources with renewable surface water, continuing to use our primary water  source, deep water wells, is important. Two obsolete wells are being replaced by the PS Miller Water Treatment plant near the Plum Creek Golf Course. These wells are expected to produce 0.43 million gallons of water per day for both the PS Miller Treatment Plant and Plum Creek Water Purification Facility. 


Late February to October 2018
  • Mobilization - late February
  • Drilling - began late April and was scheduled to continue 24 hours a day for approximately 8+ weeks. Around the clock drilling is necessary to ensure proper well integrity during the drilling process. In order to help dampen the rig noise, a 16 to 24-foot sound wall will be installed around the site. 

    The drilling took longer than the 8 week projection due to geological variations. Both wells have been successfully drilled and the sound wall came down the second week in July.
  • Well construction - May through June; after drilling is complete, work will continue from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. No weekend or evening work is scheduled.

    With the extended time for drilling, well facility construction and connections are continuing in to August / September. Two wells are being abandoned and construction to secure these wells is underway.


  • There will be no disruption in water service due to this project.
  • The site will be restored to its current condition.
  • The sound walls are expected to enclose all construction equipment and construction traffic will be retained to Plum Creek Parkway and the PS Miller Treatment Plant access road. 
  • No public roads or trails are planned to be closed.


The total project cost is budgeted at $1,624,607.

Wells 15 and 16 Drilling rig and sound walls
Well Site 15R and 16R  map