2018 Water Plan Updates

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Though the Feb. 7 Open House is over, these new and updated plans are still available for review and comment. Give us a call or fill out the feedback form online.

The Landscape and Irrigation Performance Standards and Criteria Manual 

This plan establishes landscape standards and criteria that will reflect Town identity, as expressed through the Town’s Vision Plan. View the Plan. The criteria sets landscape standards for new and qualifying renovated landscape and irrigation design, installation, and maintenance for residential and commercial development.
Its intent is to: 

  • Promote water conservation
    • Demonstrate and recognize the need to invest future water and other resources as efficiently as possible
    • Assist in reducing the overall per capita use of water within the Town
    • Reduce peak summer water usage
    • Reduce or eliminate outdoor water waste
    • Assist with water budget rate structure compliance
    • Promote the conservation of water supplies through the use of landscape design and materials that can have a beneficial effect upon water conservation
  • Encourage appropriate use of materials
    • Promote the values and benefits of "natural and indigenous" landscapes for new landscape projects within the Town of Castle Rock
LandscapeCriteria update 2018
    • Provide for the protection and implementation of native vegetation
    • Promote the conservation of energy resources through the use of landscape design and material that can have a beneficial effect upon energy conservation
  • Increase public safety
    • Increase street safety by reducing or eliminating the potential of water and ice on all paved surfaces resulting from irrigation-related water waste
    • Reduce damage to publicly owned streets caused by water waste
    • Increase awareness of defensible space for fire mitigation
  • Facilitate successful projects
    • Establish a procedure for designing, installing, and maintaining water efficient landscapes in new projects
    • Establish a regulatory framework for the administration of landscape and irrigation design, plan review, installation, inspection and maintenance
Comparison table of then and now requirements

Drought Mitigation Plan

View a draft of the Drought Management/Mitigation Plan 

The purpose of this plan is to define the actions needed to ensure an uninterrupted supply of water when a drought-induced water supply shortage exists. 

  • The Town of Castle Rock is relying more on renewable water sources that are more directly affected by drought conditions
  • Colorado is susceptible to drought conditions due to our semi-arid environment with variable climate
  • The plan identifies specific values of a drought that will trigger management response
Droughts are a natural phenomenon of Colorado’s climate, and tend to occur every 17 years on average. A drought is a period of below normal precipitation or extended warm temperatures at times and locations that could result in water supply shortages. The Town of Castle Rock is transitioning to renewable water sources, which are more reliable long-term, but are more directly affected by drought.
Drought Mitigation Plan purpose

Water Use Management Plan 

The Water Use Management Plan was adopted by Town Council on March 6, 2018. View the plan


Water Use Management Plan update 2018

Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP) 

The SWPP was approved by Town Council on March 6, 2018. View the Plan.