2021 Roadwork

Roadway projects are in progress around Town at all times. Whether in design, construction or cleanup phases, the Town always is improving its roadways to help accommodate growth and for safer travel. 

At the beginning of each year, the Public Works Department budgets for capital improvement projects - major construction projects funded through transportation fund and tax revenues. 

In addition to capital improvement projects, the Town has a Pavement Maintenance Program through which road work is completed each year based on budgeting through federal funds and Town tax revenues. These projects improve the driving condition of roads.

Sometimes, a project may be happening in Town, but is not run by the Town. Often, these are Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) projects, which include any work along Founders/Meadows Parkway and other state roadways. Learn more about CDOT projects on the State’s website.

Roadwork tips

We understand roadwork creates temporary inconvenience. Here are some tips to make your drive a little easier.

Plan ahead: During construction, consider an alternate route. You may find a new way you that never considered is faster than the old way, or has a convenient service along the wayBefore you hit the road, visit our Roadwork Map to see lane closures.

Give yourself extra time: Construction will no doubt add some time to your commute. Slower speeds in these zones are for everyone’s safety. So leave early and crank up that extra song, or listen to that next chapter on your audio book. 

Be a courteous driver: Roadwork will bring new access and increase safety. Give yourself, your fellow drivers and our crews a break, knowing the benefits are worth temporary inconvenience. 

Slow down, drive safely: The average construction zone speed limit is 30 mph. Please obey all speed limits and other traffic control. Help everyone get home safely.