2017 Special Election

Nov. 7 2017 Election Results

The citizen-initiated effort seeking to change language in the Town Charter regarding how the Mayor is selected has passed, according to initial results.

Unofficial results for Castle Rock’s special election have been posted to the Douglas County website, DouglasVotes.com.

Yes - 10,409 (67.40 percent)
No - 5,035 (32.60 percent)

The above results are preliminary and must still be finalized by the County.

Now that the ballot question has passed, Town Council will develop a plan for how to move forward with the Charter amendment. That process was discussed at the Nov. 14 Town Council meeting. Watch Town Council meetings live, or view a recording after the meeting, at CRgov.com/watchcouncil.

What is the Town Charter?

Castle Rock is a home-rule municipality. That means we govern our Town at the local level. The authors of the Colorado Constitution knew that sometimes locals know best. That's why as a home-rule municipality, Castle Rock has a Town Charter to define how the government will be run. The Charter outlines everything from the Town's name, to Town Council elections, to the process for making local laws and more.

Learn more about the Town Charter.

What is the current governing body of the Town of Castle Rock?

Town Council is the governing body of the Town. Currently, Council is made up of seven Councilmembers, including a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Each Councilmember is elected to represent a district. The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem are appointed by Town Council. The Mayor presides over Town Council meetings as chairperson, but has the same voting power as the other Councilmembers. Town Council also appoints a Town Manager, Town Attorney and Municipal Judge.

Town Council's responsibilities are outlined in the Town Charter. But, like the United States or Colorado constitutions, things change and the Town Charter can be amended. That's where we are today. 

Citizen-initiated petition

The acting Town Clerk on July 20 announced there was a sufficient number of valid signatures from registered voters in a citizen-initiated effort seeking to change language in the Town Charter regarding how the Mayor is selected. State Statute required Town Council to set the ballot language and call a special election.

The special election was Nov. 7, 2017. Town Council also directed staff to develop an educational mailer for residents. The purpose is to help voters understand the question as they fill out their ballot. Additionally, residents were asked to submit comments through an online feedback form before noon, Tuesday, Sept. 5. Read the comments that were submitted.

Ballot Question

At its Aug. 15 meeting, Town Council approved the ordinance setting the ballot language. The ballot title and question will read:

Town of Castle Rock Ballot Question_Castle Rock Charter Amendment

Shall the Town of Castle Rock Home Rule Charter be amended to provide that the Town Council, the seven-member governing body of the Town, consist of a Mayor elected by all of the electors of the Town for a four-year term, with the Mayor's service limited to two four-year terms, and six Councilmembers who are elected for four-year terms by the electors of the district where each Councilmember resides?

Yes  _____
No   _____

Election Process

Typically, Town elections are held in November of even-numbered years and are coordinated and administered by Douglas County. Because 2017 is an odd-numbered year, this will be a special election for the Town of Castle Rock. In Douglas County, all elections are coordinated by mail ballot. For this election, ballots will be mailed Monday, Oct. 16.

Completed ballots will need to be returned by 7 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 7. Voters should return their ballots by mail, or to one of two locations: Town Hall (100 N. Wilcox St.) or Douglas County Elections (125 Stephanie Place).

Register to vote

You can verify your voter registration information, register online, or update your current registration with a new address on the state website. Head to govotecolorado.com, or register in person at the Douglas County Elections Office.