Imported WISE Water

The drought of the early 2000's spurred South Metro communities to plan for a long-term, sustainable water supply. Water providers throughout the region were faced with similar conditions of relying solely on underground aquifers, a non-renewable source. Leaders saw the opportunity to partner on a solution. This partnership would allow communities to share in the expense to buy, transport and treat a renewable water supply - and so WISE was born.

Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) is a partnership between Denver Water, Aurora Water and 10 South Metro water providers to provide a sustainable water supply. All of the partners are scheduled to receive water by late 2017 or early 2018, and advance the goal of each community to primarily use renewable water by 2055.

WISE water is a major investment and a critical piece to ensuring a sustainable water future. As we reach these major milestones in the long-term water puzzle, keeping customers informed is very important. While several key players have helped make this project a reality, there's one unsung hero who has never been recognized - the Most Hydrated Man in Castle Rock.

Join the epic adventure, and follow the Hydrated Man as he retraces the steps WISE water will take to secure Castle Rock's water future.

Video 1: Overview

The WISE partnership is one of the first of its kind in the country. Regional water providers are working together to share in renewable water, well water, physical pipes, treatment and storage assets, while still maintaining independent jurisdictions.

By late 2017, or early 2018, each of the communities should receive WISE water. This WISE water will advance the goal of Castle Rock, and other South Metro communities, in transitioning to a predominantly renewable water supply by 2055. Reducing the reliance on groundwater extends the supply of this non-renewable source and provides diversity in supply, creating a more sustainable water future.

To date, Castle Rock has invested $29.4 million into the WISE project cost. This investment is for the Town's portion of the shared resources such as Smoky Hill tank and space in the Western pipeline. It also encompasses Castle Rock specific projects such as the Outter Marker Road pipeline.

Video 2: South Platte

The primary source of water for WISE is from the South Platte River, north of Aurora. Most of this water is reuse water from the Aurora’s Prairie Waters project and is combined with water from the Rocky Mountains.

This reclaimed water flows along the South Platte and is pulled in from alluvial wells that are under the river. Pulling the water through this ten or more feet of silt and sand is an environmental buffer and a form of water quality treatment. Aurora instituted the Prairie Waters project as a drought protection plan not only for the residents of Aurora, but surrounding communities.

Stay tuned as we follow the most Hydrated Man in Castle Rock through his WISE water journey!