Lost Canyon Road - New Well Site

Founders, Castlewood Ranch and Lost Canyon Ranch Road

Project update: Sept. 15, 2017

Castle Rock Water is developing the platted well site near the corner of Lantern Circle and Lost Canyon Ranch Road, east of Matney Park. A municipal well facility is being built to enhance our water supply and to provide high-quality drinking water to Castle Rock.

The first phase of this project began mid-March 2017 and entailed the drilling of two wellheads. Some setbacks have been encountered and only one wellhead is being completed in 2017. Drilling for the second wellhead is expected to occur in early 2018. Drilling has concluded for 2017 and the next phase of construction is planned.

The second phase is the construction of the well vault which will house the new well(s). Construction is scheduled to begin in December and last approximately 7 to 8 months, depending upon weather.

The third phase of the new well site is connecting these wells to Founders Water Treatment Plant. Construction is anticipated for early 2018. The raw waterline will be constructed within the existing powerline corridor. There will be minor traffic lane closures associated with construction. Short-term closures of the pedestrian trail are anticipated, but a temporary trail detour will be constructed to accommodate residents. 

Upon completion of the project, the site and trail will be restored and re-vegetated. Despite setbacks, currently the timeline to finish the Lost Canyon Ranch Road Well Site remains mid-2018.

Note: Hole No. 3 at Matney Park Disc Golf Course is being impacted by construction fencing. Players have the option to either play around the fencing or avoid the hole.
Lost Canyon Well