Scavenge the Rock

Don't miss the fun!

Dash around Castle Rock on a hunt with your Scavenge the Rock clue sheet and your smartphone! Part scavenger hunt, part costume competition, and part Town exploration, Scavenge the Rock will pique the interest of anyone who enjoys solving riddles, learning intriguing facts about Castle Rock and having fun all at the same time!

Event details

10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 17
Downtown Castle Rock and Festival Park

How to play:

Get a team together. It can be anyone from your immediate family, a small group of friends, co-workers, and more! Register your team name and members. Then, show your team spirit and dress up for the event! (Hint: It's worth 20 points!)

Your team will use the clue sheet to solve riddles and find hidden treasures. You will take a picture using your smartphone at each clue destination, upload it to your Instagram account. Please be sure to tag the Town (CRGOV) and use the hashtag #ExploreCastleRock. Judges will use these pictures to calculate points and determine the winning teams. The top three teams will win fabulous prizes! 

Watch for clues throughout the coming weeks on the Town's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. We will be dropping clues that may help the day of the event.