Strategic Priorities

​Keeping the Town on the right path

 The public weighed in. Town Council talked. Then, the Town's 2017 key priorities were approved as part of the 2017 Budget:
  1. Enhancing our transportation
  2. Ensuring our public safety
  3. Ensuring our water future
  4. Maintaining strong Parks and Recreation
  5. Enhancing our historic Downtown
  6. Managing growth
  7. Pursuing economic development
  8. Managing Town fiscal obligations
The Town team will work hard during the course of 2017 to ensure progress is achieved relative to these priorities. Part of that success means having the right person in the right job as part of our professionally managed local government. View the video on this page to learn more about how the Town team is working every day to ensure Castle Rock remains a great community.

Read a report on the Town's 2016 achievements, which also highlights these 2017 goals. We'll check in with the community through our 2017 survey to ensure these priorities are ones our residents believe will keep the Town on the right path.