Founders Parkway 

New signal coming
The Town is strategic about where it places a new signal. Soon, there will be one at the intersection of Founders Parkway and Copper Cloud / Black Pine drives, near the Terrain neighborhood. 

In order to install a new signal, a traffic study must show that a signal would help traffic flow at an intersection. That’s why our traffic engineers have studied this area and continue to keep an eye on traffic volumes. 

Project update: installation delayed for safety

The Town's original plan was to have the new traffic signal constructed and operational around the time of school starting, with completion expected no later than the end of August. We wanted to let you know this project has been delayed.

Once construction began earlier this year, CDOT and IREA raised concerns about the clearance needed between the traffic signal and the power line. They wanted to account for a worst-case scenario in which snow and/or wind could impact the signal’s clearance with the overhead line, safeguarding against electrical sparks between the power lines and signal pole.

The signal has been redesigned to accommodate additional clearance, and IREA, Xcel Energy and CDOT have approved the modified design. Construction is expected to begin again at the end of September.

Now, we expect the signal to be operational by mid-November. Though, all construction schedules in Colorado depend on weather. As with any Town project, safety is our top priority, and we appreciate your patience.

If you have further questions, please contact Ryan Germeroth, Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering Manager, at 720-733-2472. 

Thank you for your patience.