About our Budget

You might have questions about your Town’s budget. You might have even heard the Town is operating in a deficit. That’s not the case. In fact, State Statute and Town Charter prohibit the Town from operating that way. 

2016 details

Simple math shows this:
  • $165.4 million in revenue
  • $199 million in expenditures
There’s a $33.6 million difference. There is not a deficit. That difference is what the Town has been saving for – the North Meadows Extension ($9.5 million) and long-term water projects ($29.9 million). 

The Town has been saving for the North Meadows Extension since 2009. Voters approved debt for the project in 2005, and the Town is also using General Fund money. Plus, due to the regional importance of the project, funding has also come from Douglas County, CDOT and Castle Rock Development Co. 

Since 2006, the Town has had a vision to reduce dependence on non-renewable groundwater. As part of the long-term renewable water strategy, in 2016, the Town is building infrastructure with regional partners. The Town is also implementing an advanced treatment process at the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility. The Town has been saving for these projects for more than a decade and is working with multiple regional partners who are also providing funding.  

Get details on the capital projects

Forward thinking

The Town’s budget is based on the community’s priorities.  

Each year, with those priorities in mind, the Town completes a budget process, and you can take part. Learn more about how the Town has efficiently managed past budgets, the 2016 annual budget, and sign up for news, so you can be part of the 2017 budget process.