2016 Capital Improvement Projects

Supporting a thriving community takes a lot of planning. Many of the projects under construction right now have been in the works for the past several years. Just like a household budget, the Town must plan things carefully. Many bigger projects require the Town to save for several years before the project can begin. Once the money is in the bank, the project can move forward.

There are more than 40 projects currently under construction that are using Capital Funds (the Town's saving account). Below shows more details about some of these projects.

Capital Improvement Projects for 2016

Town Project 2016 Budget

WISE Infrastructure

This partnership project involves 10 regional organizations that are
working together to secure long-term water for the region. Construction
includes pipelines from the Western Pipeline along E-470 to Rueter-Hess
Reservoir, and from the reservoir to Town. The first drops of WISE Water
are expected to reach Castle Rock by 2017.

Funding sources
- System Development Fees
- Water Resource Fees


North Meadows Extension

In partnership with Douglas County and the Colorado Department of
Transportation, this is the Town's largest roadway project ever. The road
will be a new connection to The Meadows to U.S. Highway 85 and
Interstate 25. Construction is schedule for completion in Summer 2016.

Funding sources
- Developer Contributions
- State Contributions
- Building Use Taxes
- Impact Fees


Plum Creek Diversion Structure and Equipment

This project involves building a surface water diversion structure
along Plum Creek. This will allow Castle Rock Water to divert
water from Plum Creek south to be treated at the Plum Creek
Water Purification Facility.

Funding sources
- System Development Fees
- Water Resource Fees


Advanced Treatment Process at Plum Creek Water Purification Facility

Improving the treatment process at the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility
will give the Town the ability to adequately treat the additional water supplies
being diverted from Plum Creek.

Funding sources
- System Development Fees
- Water Resource Fees