Assisted Living Code

Give us your feedback

Like many communities, Castle Rock is experiencing growth in its senior population, and that means more assisted living homes are opening to serve a growing need.  

Town Council values a high quality of life for all residents. Sometimes, that requires an update to Town Code, and Council wants your feedback on how to best meet the needs of our residents in assisted living homes and their neighbors.

This could mean changes to Town Code relating to the zoning and public process for assisted living homes seeking to locate within a neighborhood.

History and background

Assisted living homes are designed to provide care in residential areas to the elderly, disabled or those with developmental needs. They’re an important part of our community and will continue to serve a valuable place in our Town.

Based on some resident feedback, the Town is considering whether to make changes to Town Code regarding the definition of family, group homes and assisted living/memory care to more closely align with State statute. The Town is also considering whether modifications to its Code might be appropriate related to other aspects of State statute. 

Your feedback is welcome with our online feedback form.