Other Quiet Zones

What have other cities done?
In researching quiet zones in Colorado, Town Staff looked at the following jurisdictions. Arvada is still implementing its second train horn quiet zone, while all others are complete. 

The railroad maintenance agreement means there is an ongoing cost to the local jurisdiction for maintenance of the quiet zone crossing. 
Jurisdiction Number of Crossings Method(s) Used Construction Cost Maintenance Agreement? Timeframe for Completion
Arvada 8 Medians and Four-quadrant gates $164,000
$1.8 million
Yes 5 years
Douglas County 7 Medians and Wayside horn $160,000 Yes About 2.5 years
Fort Morgan 6 Medians $500,000 No About 2 years
Monument 1 Medians $11,000 No About 2 years
Windsor 13 Medians and gates $3.3 million Yes 2 to 3 years
Winter Park 2 Medians and gates $500,000 Yes 2 and 5 years