Public Notice of Ordinances

Publishing notices online
The following ordinances are published in accordance with Section 7-3 of the Castle Rock Home Rule Charter and Section 2.02.100.C of the Castle Rock Municipal Code. 

Notice of proposed ordinances

The following proposed ordinances will be before Town Council on the date listed.  Read the full text of the public notice and ordinance by clicking the link(s) below. 


ber 6, 2016 Town Council meeting

No first reading ordinances are scheduled for this meeting.   



Notice of adopted ordinances

The following ordinances have been adopted by Town Council and are posted  within five business days of final action. Read the full text of the public notice and ordinance by clicking the link(s) below. 

November 15, 2016 Town Council meeting

Adopted:  Approving the Eighth Amendment to 2016 Budget to Accommodate Purchase of Water Infrastructure and Water Rights on Emergency Adoption (ORD 2016-041)

November 1, 2016 Town Council meeting

Adopted:  Approving the Seventh Amendment to 2016 Budget to Fund Possible Festival Park Expansion on Emergency Adoption (ORD 2016-039)

October 18, 2016 Town Council meeting

Adopted:  Amending Section 3.16.030 of Municipal Code Adjusting Development Impact Fees (ORD 2016-032)

Adopted:  Approving Fifth Amendment to Budget Related to Distribution of 2015 Excess TABOR Revenue (ORD 2016-033)

Adopted:  Approving the Sixth Amendment to 2016 Budget (ORD 2016-034)
Adopted:  Amending Section 17.04.040 of Code Related to Neighborhood Meetings on Land Development (ORD 2016-035)
Adopted:  Vacating a Portion of First Street and Alley in Block 29 (ORD 2016-036)
Adopted:  Amending Section 17.04.060 of Muni Code for Posting Requirements for Public Hearings (ORD 2016-037)   

September 20, 2016 Town Council meeting

Adopted:  Amending Title 2 of Municipal Code Concerning Reimbursement of Recall Expenses (ORD 2016-026)
Adopted:  Authorizing the Organization of the Miller's Landing Business Improvement District (ORD 2016-027)
Adopted:  Approving Term Loan with FirstBank on Behalf of Castle Rock DDA on Emergency Adoption (ORD 2016-028)
Adopted:  Adopting the 2017 Budget for the Town of Castle Rock, Colorado (ORD 2016-029)
Adopted:  Amending Titles 3, 4 and 13 of Municipal Code by Changing Water Rates & Fees (ORD 2016-030)
Adopted:  Approving Auburn Ridge Planned Development Plan and Zoning Regulations (ORD 2015-024)    


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