Report a Concern

Before you report your concern, please read some of answers below that may save time and help you navigate the application. Issues are responded to within 24 hours during normal business hours. So in some cases, if you need immediate assistance, it may be better to call us. You are welcome to make an anonymous complaint; however, if you would like a response to your question/concern, please provide your contact information so that we may reach you if we need additional information to help resolve your issue. In most cases, an address where the issue is taking place is required to assist our staff in their research. If you Report a Concern without providing your contact information or an address where the issue is occurring, we may be unable to assist you. The more information you provide, the better we can help you. The link to Report a Concern appears at the bottom of this page. 

To report a mosquito problem: The Town contracts with Vector Disease Control for mosquito control. To submit a mosquito annoyance complaint or request information on the Town's mosquito control program, please contact Vector at 877-276-4306 or email. For more information visit their website.
To report a barking dog: The Town’s animal control officers work seven days a week 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., so your online report may not be read until the next business day. If you need immediate attention for a barking dog, your best option is to call the 24/7 non emergency line, 303-663-6100. If reporting through the online system, it is imperative that an address is included to assist the officer in the investigation. Please be advised if that if your barking complaint is submitted anonymously, an officer will respond to investigate. However, if no violation is witnessed by the officer, the dog owner will not be contacted. Please call Animal Control at 303-663-6100 if you have questions about problem resolution and enforcement actions. 

Snow removal on streets: The time required to clear snow and ice from streets depends on conditions unique to each storm event. More snow information can be found here as well as on the snow route priority map (this map takes a few moments to load).  Watch our plowtracker to get an estimate of when plows are expected in your area.  When clearing residential streets, the goal is access for public safety vehicles.  Residents can expect one lane to be cleared per residential street. To report snow removal issues select Roads using the Report a Concern link on the bottom of this page.

Neighbor disputes: Unless you are reporting illegal activity or code violations, neighbor disputes are a civil matter.
Roadwork, road construction:  Select Roads using the Report a Concern link on the bottom of this page. See the road closure mapReport a pot hole.
Burned out streetlights (not traffic signals): With the exception of a few streetlights Downtown, all the Town’s streetlights are maintained by Intermountain Rural Electric Association, so please call them directly at 303-688-3100 to report a burned-out streetlight. IREA will require an address where the streetlight is located, so make sure you have that information when you call them. You can also report an outage online.

Burned out traffic signals or malfunctioning traffic signals: Under Transportation/Traffic, select Signs/Signals using the Report a Concern link on the bottom of this page or call the 24/7 non-emergency line 303-663-6100. Please be sure to include location details.

Recycling and trash removal: The Town does not provide trash removal or recycling services. Neighborhoods with homeowners associations may provide trash removal through the HOA. Those in areas without an HOA must obtain individual service. Providers that serve the area include All Bright Sanitation, Haulaway and Waste Management. There is a community recycling center that operates every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 701 Prairie Hawk Drive. The Colorado Association for Recycling has helpful links to recycling services. There is also some useful information on the Tri-County Health website. The Town conducts a chemical roundup once a year, generally in September, so check our calendar. Tri-County Health Department also has information about household chemical waste. The Colorado State Department of Health & Environment has information about electronic and computer recycling.
To report abandoned vehicles: Under Police, select Parking/Abandoned Vehicles using the Report a Concern link on the bottom of this page, or call the 24/7 non emergency line, 303-663-6100. Please be sure to include location details (street or address) and license plate number of the vehicle, if any.

Properties with overgrown weeds, trash accumulation, no sidewalk snow removal or excessive noise: Under Regulations/Registrations, select Code Enforcement/Noise using the Report a Concern link on the bottom of this page. To report excessive noise please call the Police 24/7 non-emergency line, 303-663-6100. For more code enforcement issues, see information on our Zoning/Code Compliance page.

Mowing, tree maintenance and weeds along Town streets: Under Recreation/Parks/Golf, select Weeds, Trees and Mowing using the Report a Concern link on the bottom of this page. Be sure to identify the location. Be aware that in some cases, HOAs are responsible for maintenance, and we may refer you to your HOA.

Solicitors: To report unregistered solicitors, under Regulations/Registrations, select Solicitors License using the Report a Concern link on the bottom of this page or call the 24/7 non-emergency line 303-663-6100. View more information about solicitors. Sign up for the No Knock List
If you still need to Report a Concern, do so here. If you can’t find your issue under Issue Type, then select General Question. Once you have reported your issue, you can check the status of your report by returning to the Report a Concern page and selecting Search Issues under CRM on the left side of the page.