Plum Creek Parkway

New traffic technology in place

As part of the road improvements along Plum Creek Parkway, the Town has installed a new electronic traffic management system. It sounds complicated, but it’s simple to use and is expected to smooth out the weekday commute for drivers getting to Interstate 25 during the morning rush hour. 

Get details on the new technology.

Intersection work completed at Wilcox Street

The Town has invested $3.5 million in a smoother drive along Plum Creek Parkway.

Improvements include:

  • At Wilcox Street and Plum Creek Parkway, the intersection was reconstructed to improve drainage and ride quality by removing the “dip” on the east side of this intersection. Plus, additional turn lanes were added to improve traffic flow for westbound Plum Creek Parkway and northbound Wilcox Street 
  • New lanes were added throughout the intersection to improve traffic flow. There are now two northbound left-turn lanes from Wilcox Street to Plum Creek Parkway; a free right-turn lane onto southbound Wilcox Street; and a dedicated right onto northbound Wilcox St.
  • A southbound free right-turn lane was added from Perry Street to Plum Creek Parkway
  • A westbound right-turn lane was added from Plum Creek Parkway to northbound I-25
  • Plum Creek Parkway was widened in the I-25 ramp intersection to accommodate a future triple left-turn lane from the southbound off-ramp to eastbound Plum Creek Parkway (a future CDOT project)
  • Crews made the most of this inconvenience by also repairing the pavement, curbs and sidewalks along Plum Creek Parkway between Douglas County Fairgrounds and Wilcox Street
  • The Town also performed additional crack sealing along Plum Creek Parkway between I-25 and Plum Creek Boulevard. This work helped smooth out the road and extend the life of the street 

New technology is next phase

Now that repairs are almost done, the Town is preparing to implement new traffic technology for westbound weekday commuters. Learn more about how this will increase your access to I-25.