Comprehensive Master Plan

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The Comprehensive Master Plan is designed to guide Castle Rock's future. The plan describes the community's goals and visions and helps outline its future shape. The Town uses the plan to guide its growth, development and the planning of new Town facilities.

Your Town is planning for your future
In 2002, armed with community input and research, Town Council approved the 2020 Comprehensive Master Plan. Of course, with time, comes change. Now, we are updating the plan to envision Castle Rock in 2030.
Let's start at the beginning. In 1999, the Town's population was taking off, and we needed to be strategic about our future. Together, the community came up with four cornerstones on which to focus future development and defined those in Castle Rock's first vision statement.

Four Cornerstones

Town Identity

Castle Rock is a unique and welcoming community distinguished by its small-Town feel, diverse and easily accessible recreation options, scenic backdrop and natural environment and family-friendly events and activities.

Responsible Growth and Development

Castle Rock will be responsibly planned to accommodate the needs of existing and future residents while preserving and protecting the Town's historic Downtown character, distinct identity as the County seat and a freestanding community, independent spirit, access to nearby destinations within the region and quality of life.

High-quality Community Services

Infrastructure and essential community services will be provided in an efficient manner to support the public interest and well-being of all Castle Rock residents and businesses.

A Healthy and Growing Economy

Castle Rock will be a self-sufficient community that is home to a variety of businesses and industries, offers a broad range of primary employment opportunities for residents, and maintains a healthy tax base.

Based on community feedback in both the 2013 and 2015 community surveys, as well as outreach completed while updating that vision statement in 2014, we know those cornerstones are still important to the community and will remain the same as we plan today.

So how do we put those cornerstones into tangible community projects? That's what will be outlined in the updated Comprehensive Master Plan, and the Town needs your help.  Read our draft, and tell us what you think!
Background, resources and information
Draft 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan
Executive Summary
Proposed 2030 Comprehensive Plan maps
Existing Land Use
Future Land Use Plan
Historic Landmarks
Potential Development
Public Facilities
Sensitive Areas
Water Service
I-25 Sign Plan
In 2014 we developed an I-25 sign plan to ensure Castle Rock's front door remains attractive.
I-25 Sign Plan
I-25 Sign Plan Appendix

In 2013 we reviewed the Town's Vision to ensure we were still on track. The Vision document has not been formally approved by Town Council, but will be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan update. The Planning Commission has reviewed and recommended approval of the Vision document.
Vision 2030 Draft
Vision 2030 Summary Report

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