Cross Connection / Backflow

Cross Connection / Backflow C


Annual registration is required to be certified as a backflow assembly tester in the Town of Castle Rock. You must complete the registration form and submit a copy of the current tester certification and gauge calibration(s).

Certification / education classes will be held anytime there are updates to the Town’s Municipal Code regarding cross connections / backflow or the Town’s Cross Connection Manual. If you have any questions, email us

A cross connection is a physical connection between a potable (drinking) water supply and a source of contamination or pollution. This connection can be created when plumbing is installed, when using certain appliances or even by simply attaching a hose to a faucet. Cross connections are not easy to discover but pose a serious threat to water quality.

The pressure vacuum breaker or reduced pressure assembly are two examples of the most common backflow prevention assemblies used in homes depending on your type of installation. Remember, if you have specific questions about your irrigation system, contact a landscape professional.

A current list of certified backflow prevention testers can be viewed online.