Youth Attorneys and Judges

Teen Court members can serve as youth attorneys and judges in Teen Court trials. Volunteers interested in becoming attorneys must be at least 12 years old and fulfill the following requirements.

Before volunteers can apply to law school, they must:

  • Complete general legal training (GLT)
  • Volunteer at Teen Court for a minimum of 30 hours

Applying to law school includes:

  • Filling out a law school application
  • Providing a written letter of recommendation
  • Meeting for a scheduled interview with the coordinator and/or adult attorneys
  • Signing a commitment contract outlining what is required in order to pass law school

Teen Court Law School consists of 16 hours of classroom training and mock trials. In order to graduate from law school, law students must pass a rigorous bar exam.

Law school is a wonderful opportunity for those who enjoy debate or public speaking. Law school is also an excellent experience for students who plan to pursue a law-related career. Once an attorney, volunteers may then go on to pursue judge training and have the ability to sit as judge during trials.