Keeping up with Castle Rock

Our time is valuable. We’re all running from one thing to the next and sometimes only have a minute to grab a sandwich in between. The Town understands. That’s why we’ve been putting an emphasis on finding ways to get information to residents quickly.

We've produced a number of videos to help our residents keep up with Castle Rock. Below you'll find ways to conserve water around your home, tips for interacting with other people on the trails and an explanation about the importance of shopping local. Also, get to know Police Chief Jack Cauley and Fire Chief Art Morales in the “I am a rock” video series. Stay tuned as more exciting videos will be debuting soon.

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Comcast 22/CenturyLink 8

Comcast and CenturyLink subscribers: Watch Town Council meeting replays on TV

The Town knows that not everyone who wants to go to Town Council meetings can make it to Town Hall Tuesday nights. That's why we feature a replay of the most recent Town Council meeting on Comcast Cable Channel 22 several times each day, as well as on CenturyLink Channel 8. An audio download is also available. Head to our Watch Council Meetings page to listen on the go.

Other programming on Channel 22 includes "Connected Colorado," a program on regional issues produced through the Colorado Communications and Utility Alliance

Current programming schedule - updated April 20, 2017

The April 18 Town Council meeting (4 hours, 0 minutes) airs daily at 3 a.m. (abbreviated version), 4:30 a.m., 9 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. The Council meeting is immediately followed by the Teen “Tape” Awareness PSA and then "Connected Colorado."  Host Wendy Brockman discusses spring and summer activites featuring a kite festival, a mountaineering center, a trolley ride, "Summer in the City" in Aurora and more.  

Past Council meeting video / audio also available online

In addition to the cable broadcasts, the Town also archives years worth of past Town Council videos online. View a past meeting or watch the meeting live.