Election Signs

Sign code regulations

The Town of Castle Rock is presently in the process of amending portions of Title 19, Sign Code Regulations, of the Town’s Municipal Code in order to ensure that the Town’s sign regulations are consistent with the requirements set forth in Reed v. Town of Gilbert, 135 S. Ct. 2218 (2015), which was decided by the United States Supreme Court last year.  

Until such amendments are adopted by the Town Council, Town staff will continue to enforce the provisions of Title 19 only to the extent such provisions are consistent with applicable law, as follows:

  • As set forth in Section 19.04.042 of the Municipal Code, the placement of private signs is prohibited in rights-of-way or Town property
  • The Zoning Division staff responds to sign complaints. Sign complaints should be forwarded to Zoning Division staff at 303-660-1393 or email zoning@crgov.com
  • The Zoning Division staff conducts a periodic review to remove posted signs in rights-of-way and Town property. Signs placed in the right-of-way or Town property are removed and placed in Town trash dumpsters
  • Any sign located on a mail box or cluster mailbox is not regulated by the Town. Postal officials regulate mailbox uses
Read the full chapter on signs in Castle Rock's Municipal Code